Kugeman Village

  18 Units of Rental Housing

  2 Handicapped, 1 BedRm. 2 BedRm. & 3 BedRm. Full Occupancy with Waiting List:
  HC (4),1 BedRm. (9), 2 BedRm. (9), 3 BedRm. (3)    (as of August 2010)



With bequests from the estates of William and Lois Kugeman land was bought on Rte. 7 in 1998, and then Kugeman Village was built through a
grant and a  loan from the CT Dept. of Housing.  This complex, completed in 1992, contains 18 affordable rental units for families and single people of  all ages.  There are two handicap-adapted apartments, and the rest are duplexes, with one to three bedrooms.  Upper income limits for tenants are  established yearly, based on HUD publication of median incomes for the  region.  The facility has been full since it first opened and there has always  been a waiting list.





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