The Parcel Programc

      13 Single Family Lots in all parts of Cornwall.

      11 Lots are developed with homes.

      2 Lots have driveways and await homes. (as of  August 2010)

In 1989, recognizing that Cornwall land prices had outpaced the incomes of young people who wished to live here, the CHC established the Parcel  Program.  Under this program, the CHC leases parcels of land to prospective homeowners, saving them the considerable expense of paying for land as well  as for a house.   Driveways and a generous portion of well costs are also  underwritten by the CHC.  The new owners pay property taxes on land and  improvements, while lease provisions insure that the homes will remain  affordable for any future buyer. 
The Planning and Zoning Commission has cooperated in this program by enacting various housing-friendly special permit opportunities for the
creation of town or non-profit-sponsored affordable lots.  Such lots may be smaller than the underlying zone would otherwise allow, and they may be clustered more densely.  Through gifts of land and below-market purchases, twelve sites (four with existing houses) have been acquired.  The CHC continues to see additional parcels and funds for the program.

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