Some Casualties of High Cost Housing

 Some useful occupations ruled out by County rents.

Pre-school teachers Nurse’ aides Lab technicians Dispatchers 
EMTs Office clerks Auto mechanics Waiters/waitresses
Child care workers  Food preparers Machinists School bus drivers
Landscape workers  Medical secretaries Painters Telephone lineman
Retail salespeople Home health aides Dental assistants    

How to help the Cornwall Housing Corporation

Gifts of Money :
Each lot that we lease to a new home builder set us back about $20,000 in site development costs.  We supply a well and a driveway, and wish we could contribute toward the costs of a septic system, an often crippling expense, especially as the easy-to-develop land becomes scarce. 
Gifts of Land :
Even though we may never again have the resources to buy houses, we are confident that the support the program enjoys will continue to bring us gifts of land.  Housing-friendly zoning regulations allow property owners to carve off a single acre (so long as it supports a septic system and meets P&Z’s Parcel Program regulations) for the CHC even if the land is located in the three-or-five acre zones.  Many Larger holdings can provide a single buildable acre will good road access.  

Moral Support :
Whether or not either of the above is a possibility, you can still be a
friend  of affordable housing by learning about and backing our programs or by becoming a House Tour volunteer (contact Wynne Kavanaugh at  (860) 672-6774 or at wynnekavanagh@yahoo.com )